An institution with high ideals always moves forward with hungry look trying to rope one and all who come in their sway. In the present day context, there is no limit for any development. When one is met, the other is ready to receive attention.

We are here - consider our activities - understand us - consider our goals - we have miles to go.

Politely we raise a question. Will you be able to share with us a little of our burden in building this institution as one of the leading institution for the cause of women. Whatever you do, we deem it high.

KGKG Projects

Basic School
Higher Secondary School
Sri Thayumanavar Vidyalayam Middle School
Diploma in Teacher Education (Teachers training school)
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed., college)
Printing Press -Training and Production
Electronic Unit / Training cum production Centre in TV Assembly
Agarbathi Unit/Training cum Production Centre
French Frienship hospital
Siddha Dispensary (native medicine) handed down by saints
Dairy Unit/Biogas
Hand Pound Rice
Ireland aided Bakery training centre
Radio TV Assembly Training
Home for the Destitute
Village Adoption & Social Work